Tuesday, June 21, 2005

8th Annual BBQ At The End Of Time

Well, it's that time again when time itself comes to an end and we reverse course for yet another year of reliving the past. Come celebrate the 8th annual BBQ at the end of time at the fog ensconced Hellblazer residence in the fabled land of Moss Beach.

Please RSVP as soon as possible with how many will be attending so I can plan for food, drinks n' such. (Apologies for getting the invitation out late)

Please click here for formal invitation and RSVP directions.

Please remember to dress in layers. Here in the fog bound realm it could be beautiful and warm or dense fog and rather cold.

Remember, children are always welcome!


Blogger Scaramouche said...

Are fireworks legal in your part of the state?

I'd love to come but I need a ride.

6:31 PM  

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