Thursday, March 17, 2005

BARBARian Makes the WaPo

BARBARian John, of Blogenlust received a mention in Howard Kurtz's Washington Post Media Matters column this morning:

The creatively named Blogenlust scoffs at the recent Condi speculation:
"Despite the anticipatory exuberance of Matt Drudge, et. al., the talk about Rice's political career is not only premature, but also fantasy. Leaving aside for a moment the numerous examples of her incompetence , the cold, hard fact of the matter is that Rice is unmarried, and in today's political climate, that will not fly for a Republican candidate for President. I can already hear the whisper campaign coming out of her more conservative primary opponents: 'Psst . . . you know why Rice is unmarried, right?' Should it matter that Rice has never married? Of course not. Would it matter? You bet.

"However, this does bring up a more important point about the early reality of the 2008 campaign: The Republicans do not have an heir apparent to run. This could be a big vulnerability for the Democrats to exploit since the Republicans will have to spend a lot of money and energy beating each other up, particularly if the conservative wing goes to war with the moderate wing (which I suspect it will).

"For better or for worse, the Democrats have two or three 'heir apparents' in Kerry, Edwards, and Clinton."

Check it out, then check out John's site (with the fetching new banner graphic!). It's one of my daily stops and always worth the time.


Blogger Generik said...

Wow, that's impressive! Congratulations, John! Don't forget your friends when you've graduated to the big time and are riding around in limousines sipping champagne and lighting cigars with hundred-dollar bills alongside Atrios and Kos and Wonkette.

5:36 PM  
Blogger Angie said...

Off topic - anyone up for drinks tonight or tomorrow night. I have no plans, and that just doesn't sit well with me. :)

4:30 PM  

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