Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Anne Coulter - related tags

While doing some research I came across this:


I wonder if the tag has to do with posts like this?

However, there is more to Ann than mere hyperthyroidism. Ann Coulter is a tragic figure.

She was conceived in a horribly failed medical experiment done by the Russians from the vaginal swabbings taken from Eva Braun shortly after she had consummated her marriage to Adolf Hitler. They spent their honeymoon in a ditch. On fire.

Apparently a mixture of the Fuhrer's semen and Eva's yeast infection, heated by the gasoline fire, melded into a frightening mixture of disease and wasted humanity. This potent mixture was secreted off to Russia where it was stored near Chernobyl. When the Chernobyl catastrophe occurred contamination from the site activated the growth cycle of the latent yeast infection/Fuhrer amalgam and Ann Coulter was "born."


Blogger Generik said...

Last week I heard a clip of her saying, on the Bill O'Reilly show, "I"m more of a man than any lib'ral out there."

No shit, Ann. You're more of a man than any double-Y chromosomed Super Male occupying space in any state penitentiary you can name. Hike up that miniskirt and you probably put Ron Jeremy to shame.

8:43 AM  
Blogger Brian I said...

Frankly, the less we speak of Ann Coulter, the happier I'll be.

That sort of venomous hate and shock-jockery really should just get ignored.

... or just point a finger at her and laugh, I suppose.

She's liable to be infuriated by either. ;)

7:43 PM  
Blogger SadButTrue said...

I have to admit to oscillating between Brian's position and taking positive delight in pointing out the Coultergeist's evil subhuman nature. In the latter category, this post explains a lot.

4:05 PM  

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