Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ann's Antecedent

Take this quiz to see if you can distinguish Ann Coulter from one of her notorious spiritual ancestors.

I got 10 out of 14 right, but it was tough.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Suburban Guerilla is in Town Tonight

Susie Madrak of Suburban Guerrilla will be visiting and will be Drinking Liberally at Zeitgeist tonight.

C'mon Barbarians, stop on by!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Who Wants to See Ann Coulter Nude?

It seems a lot of people. Our lowly little group blog has had a recent spike in traffic corresponding to the the release and TV appearances of the hallowed harpie ( and spokesthing) of the GOP. That's right - big hands with a cocktail dress - Ann Coulter!

Going by the last hundred referrals, about half were for a Google or Yahoo search for ANN COULTER NUDE. Stunning really as only one referral was for NUDE BARBARIAN WOMEN.

Or more sadly, 2 referrals for MICHELLE MALKIN NUDE.

For the AC Nude on Google we show up as currently as the 5th possible link out of 281,000 results. For MM Nude we also show up as the 5th possible link out of 212,000 results.

Funny thing I noticed is for MICHELLE MALKIN NUDE her own site registers number one (Like in, are you feeling lucky? Punk, well are you?), also if you search MICHELLE MALKIN PiNG PONG there are 19,700 results, but again her site comes up first...

To be fair I Googled ANN COULTER PING PONG and saw she outstripped Malkin with an astonishingly 53,900 results.

Even the search for WINONA RYDER PING PONG showed more results than Malkin at 25,800 results, probably because of that South Park Movie scene.

So what can I conclude from this thorough analysis of available facts?

-Ann Coulter is the leading drag-queen of righthwing bitchiness.
-Michelle Malkin is the leading self-promoter of the ping pong ball trick.
-And I really, really, need to wash my eyes out with soap...

Friday, June 16, 2006

I believe the children are our future.

If I ever have a kid, I'd want it to be like this one.

Let's hope that he grows up to be a progressive, left-wing blogger. Maybe we can do a BARBARian outreach program.

Get 'em while they're young. Just saying.

(Cross-posted - if you can call it that - on my blog. Props to AMERICAblog for the link.)

Word From Iraq

(cross posted at my place)

The New Yorker's June 12 "Summer Fiction: Life During Wartime" edition feathers "Dispatches from Iraq," (can't find it online) stories from our men and women serving in Iraq. All the pieces are well written and moving, but a couple passages stand out for me.

Second Lieutenant Brian Humphreys, serving in Hit, Iraq, writes,
"Our occupation grinds on. Others will assign meaning to our lives here, noble or otherwise. For us, though, there is a close meanness to the fight. There are no flags, no dress uniforms. We are fighting a rival gang for the same turf, while the neighborhood residents cower and wait to see whose side they should come out on."
Humphreys also writes,
"Iraq is coming apart at the seams. Pictures of flag-draped coffins being unloaded from Air Force transports surface on the back reaches of the Interneet, as if they were a grainy celebrity sex video that decent people should avoid looking at. But I think otherwise. The images of flag-draped coffins show the end of war as we are meant to see it, and as we are meant to believe it. Uniforms, flags, patriotism, honor, sacrifice. In these images we are not street fighters struggling to survive and kill in a distant gangland but soldiers in the nation's service."

I'll leave the last word to Captain Lisa R. Blackman, serving as a clinical psychologist in Qatar, who writes,
"Next time you are hanging out with a friend, think about what you would do if he turned to you and said, 'My boss made me kill someone, and I know I'm going to hell for it, so why bother?' What would you say to 'normalize' that?

I will probably never see these folks again. I have no ieda if I have been helpful. Maybe I planted a seed of reprieve that will grow into self-forgiveness. Maybe I did absolutely nothing but sit here. Who knows?

I can't stop thinking about the fact that these folks have lsot something that they will never get back - innocence (and a life free of guilt). My heart hurts for them."