Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another Gathering

Hey, we're doing it again!

Uh... just in case anyone's out there... reading this...

This Saturday, April 12th, from early in the afternoon until who knows when in the evening, we'll be meeting up at Ben & Nick's Bar & Grill, 5612 College Ave., Oakland, hard by the Rockridge BART station. BARBARians unite! You have nothing to lose but your sobriety!

(Remember -- look for the helmet!)


Anonymous Chuck Dupree said...

It was a great time. Hot — due to the arrival of summer only a week after winter — during the peak afternoon hours, but wonderful all day. Ben & Nick's is a good place for meetups, we've had some great times there. Good food, small but quality selection of beers, friendly staff, and mighty damn close to BART.

Standing outside afterwards, Scaramouche, cannablog, and I were conversing, at one point including the phrase "Are you the Blogger Bob?" and a denial. The nearest of three people walking past turned to look at us quizzically, then turned back and muttered to her companions. I saw her pointing back to us, and I wondered. Sure enough, just before they reached the corner they all three turned as one and gawked, rather openly. I managed to turn away just in time. I don't think they realized I was laughing about that.

1:45 AM  
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