Monday, August 28, 2006

BARBARians: The Gathering

The response to the suggestion of yet another get-together of the BARBARians Beer Appreciation Society and Occasional Blogging Etiquette Concern has been rather tepid, but one thing is clear -- those who did respond would like our next gathering to be on a Friday or, preferably, Saturday. I have no objection to that; I like drinking beer on a Saturday just as much as I like drinking beer on pretty much any other day that ends in "y". However, my Saturday dance card is filled for the next month or so. It would be October before I could attend a Saturday get-together.

But hey, Scaramouche and I aren't the only ones who can plan one of these things! I'm sure that if a few of you throw out a date or two, with a suggestion of where to meet up, you're bound to get a decent turn-out and have some fun. Therefore, I'm turning this one over to... well, any and all of you, I guess. Make some suggestions in the comments, have fun, talk amongst yourselves. If nothing gets decided before October, I'll put my two cents back in and we can go from there. In the meantime, have at it, kids. Where and when?

Friday, August 25, 2006

"I think I have to Leave Now"

Ah, my little Coulterites, do we have a show for you tonight. This has been all over the internets all day, but it just seems so apt that we have it here, too. So, with no further ado, here's the mannish boy crying for big brother Sean when the other kids won't play by her rules.