Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Anne Coulter - related tags

While doing some research I came across this:


I wonder if the tag has to do with posts like this?

However, there is more to Ann than mere hyperthyroidism. Ann Coulter is a tragic figure.

She was conceived in a horribly failed medical experiment done by the Russians from the vaginal swabbings taken from Eva Braun shortly after she had consummated her marriage to Adolf Hitler. They spent their honeymoon in a ditch. On fire.

Apparently a mixture of the Fuhrer's semen and Eva's yeast infection, heated by the gasoline fire, melded into a frightening mixture of disease and wasted humanity. This potent mixture was secreted off to Russia where it was stored near Chernobyl. When the Chernobyl catastrophe occurred contamination from the site activated the growth cycle of the latent yeast infection/Fuhrer amalgam and Ann Coulter was "born."

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Matt Yglesias Should Know Better

It's this kind of crap that so frequently leaves me thinking that Matt Yglesias is mostly just a useless tool. His argument is that if Libby goes to jail then Libby ends up being painted as the villain in this piece, whereas if Bush pardons him then Bush becomes the villain. How can it not be obvious to anybody that it's not an either/or propositon? They both are villains and the miscarriage of justice here is not that Libby is going to jail and Bush is skating, but that Bush is skating. And it shouldn't be necessary, but apparently is, to point out yet again that everybody but Libby gets to skate because Libby perjured himself and obstructed justice. If he's the fall guy it's by his own choosing. The Bush administration is a criminal enterprise and there's no honor in taking the fall for those people, particularly when it's apparent that Libby was just as much a part of setting this criminal enterprise up as anybody else. It's too bad there's not somebody, say a high profile blogger at The Atlantic, who could keep the focus on these things.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Does Anyone Remember Laughter?

Click image for Viking Size

Is anyone thirsty -- and hungry for BARBARian camraderie? I sure am!

It's been too long since our last get together. So let's designate the 23rd, somewheres about 3pm for our bash.

Add your suggestions of where. But please, not the Zeitgeist again.