Monday, March 28, 2005

That'll Teach Franken to Mess With Horowitz

Because he's mad at Al Franken for "gratuitously" referring to him as a racist, David Horowitz is posting Franken's picture on the home page of with the word "Racist" printed across his face until Franken publicly apologizes to Horowitz for this characterization. I've got other beefs with Horowitz and haven't given much thought to whether he's a racist or not, but I've got to wonder at how successful this little snit of his will be in eliciting an apology from Franken. Except for those of us who, like school children on an outing to the zoo, wander over from World o' Crap to view the wingnuts in their pens, I can't imagine there are too many people who visit FPM who don't already share Horowitz's opinion of Franken. Does Horowitz think Franken is going to feel shame that these mouth breathers think (used very loosely in this context) poorly of him?


Blogger Generik said...

That's the problem with people like Horowitz trying to use shame to embarrass or coerce others: having never experienced it themselves, they are unclear on just how it works or how it might be effectively applied.

5:05 PM  
Blogger Scaramouche said...

I think Horrorwitless is trying to apply the schoolyard defense of, "I'm rubber you're glue..."

5:47 PM  
Anonymous Chuck Dupree said...

I'm no expert on Horowitz, but he seems to me to have a lot of anger. I suspect some of this arises from the inconsistencies between his heart and his politics, but perhaps I'm projecting.

Franken, too, is an angry man. I think both are angry in part because the world is not as they think it ought to be, I feeling I share.

But Horowitz is in over his head if he thinks that he can win a public-media battle with a man who can do stand-up comedy on national television. Good comedy often involves using one's pain to construct a joke, the telling of which somehow eases the pain.

I think Horowitz is wound too tight to be ready for that sort of confrontation.

6:52 PM  

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