Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Downing Street Memo and the Big Brass Alliance


Our esteemed colleague Generik yesterday alerted me to the existence of After Downing Street, a site you should visit immediately if you haven't already.

Back so soon? Good. Earlier today I received the following from Melissa McEwan of Shakespeare's Sister:
Hello, fellow bloggers.

In response to the move by After Downing Street, who are looking for additional groups to support their formal inquiry into the possibility that Bush committed impeachable offenses in making the case for the Iraq War, and as a follow-up discussion that took place in response to this post at Shakespeare's Sister, we're forming the Big Brass Alliance of bloggers in association with Big Brass Blog.

There is a post here listing the bloggers who have noted their interest in participation; I'm emailing you because I thought you might want to participate as well.
Leave a comment at Shakespeare's Sister if you're interested in joining the alliance. Ang, Paperwight, Hellblazer and Yr. Mst. Hmbl. Mnrch. are already on board.


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