Wednesday, May 11, 2005

FYI: Drinking Liberally

For them as may be interested:

Drinking Liberally will now be at Zeitgeist (located at the corner of Valencia and Duboce). DL's new home features outdoor picnic tables, many a beer on tap, a full bar and a BBQ pit. Share a pitcher or two tonight with San Francisco's Progressive happy hour.

199 Valencia (at Valencia and Duboce)
7-9 PM every Tuesday

IMO, this is a vast improvement over Doc's Clock. If you want to sign up for the Drinking Liberally email list, you can do so here.


Blogger Generik said...

As some of my readers may recall, I attended one Drinking Liberally get-together at Doc's Clock. I was shocked and amazed to discover that there was not one -- not ONE! -- blogger among the approximately 15-20 liberal drinkers there.

Interesting folks, all, albeit every one much younger than me (then again, who isn't?). I'd be happy to crash their party again some Tuesday night... after I get back from my sabbatical. Say, August?

12:08 AM  

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