Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Holy Bat Bulge - He's Rocking Robin!!!

The headline says it all, DC Comics takes big stick to gay Batman:
DC Comics has taken exception to watercolours of Batman and Robin snogging and generally getting it on and has ordered the Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts gallery in New York to take down Mark Chamberlain's provocative representations or face the legal consequences.

Also at the receiving end of DC's wrath is art website Artnet, which carries some of the images. Artnet's 18 August 'magazine' notes they have received a 'cease & desist' letter similar to that slapped on gallery owner Kathleen Cullen for displaying 'images of Batman and Robin exchanging a kiss, a watercolor titled Robin's Baby Pictures depicting the Boy Wonder's cute rear end, and a rendering of the Caped Crusader, sans shirt but otherwise in costume, striking a languorous pose'.

I must say I am unfamiliar with Chamberlain's work so I googled the name. Which led me to Sex Addiction Recovery Tips from Mark Chamberlain, Ph.D..

Naturally I found some interesting reads like The Value of Pain where the good Doctor learns some valuable lessons after getting some splinters in his hand (Got Wood?). Yet there was some confusing stuff like The Story of Russell Conwell:
When he had first begun this enterprise, the farmer had faced a problem: the cattle refused to drink out of the stream. After devoting some time and attention to the matter, he could see that the cattle were avoiding the stream because of a foul scum that floated on its surface. After some consideration and experimention, he discovered that he could channel the scum over to one bank of the stream by placing a plank that extended down to just below the water's surface diagonally across the stream. This diverted the flow of the surface water--and therefore the scum--over to one bank. The scum piled up on the bank and eventually seeped back into the water a few yards downstream, but the water that flowed under the plank remained clean just downstream from it.

The cattle began drinking exclusively at this spot on the stream. Aren't our problems of self-control a lot like the the scummy water problem that this farmer faced? We try to find ways to block or channel our impure urges, our unrighteous desires, and our destructive cravings. You could look at this farmer's solution and say, "There was still scum flowing in the stream on this man's hillside."

You would assume the story would end there and go on about containing scum is like a drink of cool water but, sadly, no! It seems the farmer decided to sell the farm.
The farm's new owner, soon after he had purchased the land, went to check out the ingenious setup that had been arranged for the watering of the cattle. He noticed the dreadful-looking scum that the cattle avoided. He examined it more closely and collected a sample for analysis. He discovered that for twenty-three years the farmer who had worked so hard to become an oil expert had been damning back a flow of petroleum oil.

See what I mean? Confusing. Is oil scum that leads to depravity that would require the help of Dr. Mark and his prayer group? Or is it what you think is scum is really Texas Tea on which the fortunes of princes and presidents are built? I guess the point is: some scum reaps huge sums.

To tie it all together, I wonder what this Chamberlain would say to the Caped Crusader and his sidekick, The Boy Wonder, about their following compulsive costuming urges and going out all hours of the night to deal with scum?


Blogger Mags said...

I think the moral of the story is: Somebody get Batman and Robin a plank so that they could divert their homosexual urges so much so that they'll eventually act out in overly "macho" ways so as to prove that they don't really enjoy buggering each other. Or maybe prayer is the answer?

:: snort ::

As far as the DC Comics outcry, I mean, it's understandable, since this guy is "affecting their brand," but then again, hasn't anyone ever heard of satire?

6:14 PM  
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Blogger Generik said...

A shill for life insurance here in the comments?!? Speaking of scum...

10:05 AM  

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