Sunday, November 12, 2006

BARBARians bask in the joy of election results

A last minute to do at the Zeitgeist. Not quite a flash mob - hell we're not that organized. Yet the conversation was crisp and quite funny. I showed up late so I missed the more sober deliberations.

Besides comments on the best films to see, or the best trails to backpack in the Sierras (we were all over the map), the talk was lively and informative.

So here are my awards:

Best question of the night: How can we make politics easier to understand (outside of us blogger fanatics) and more palatable to those who work for aliving., who have few hours in a day because of the job, commute, working out and taking care of business. Good Question!

Best theory about the Ted Haggard Christian vote: You can't count on those Crystal Methodists...

Best comment about libertarians: If you follow their logic and policies, it's nothing more than the promotion of a failed nation-state; think Somalia.

Best joke of the night: Jack Palance is being introduced by Saint Peter to the various cliques in paradise, "Over there you can see some Catholics, some Orthodox and lot of other believers.

Jack asks, "Where are the fundementalists?"

Peter says,"See that big wall over there? We built that because those people would never be happy if they knew anyone else got here!"


Blogger Generik said...

Agree about the best question -- and I'm still trying to come up with an answer!

Always a pleasure to hang out with you folks, thanks for showing up on a rainy Saturday.

4:37 PM  

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